Friday, September 19, 2014

Black and White vs. Full Color Illustration

I'm a HUGE fan of black and white illustration! But having said that, I cannot deny that, sometimes, taking that black and white illustration and converting it to a full color illustration can have a real dramatic impact on that same illustration and really make it pop! __The b/w 'Little Dog' image that I created last  Friday the full color treatment this Friday night! Personally, I like both approaches, but it's fun to compare and contrast both options! Hope you like'em, too :-)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Artwork created while my wife sleeps!

I've mentioned in the past how, on certain evenings after my wife has fallen asleep, I will slip over to a drafting table we have in our bedroom, sit down and create for the pure joy of it. Well, I also look at it as practicing what I do, but the goal is just to unwind, relax and see where the pen takes my hand. This particular night, the pen had 'small dog attitude' on it's mind. __You just never know what the end result of these 'night time-wife sleeping' creations will be. But, they're always enjoyable :-)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Missing my dear dog.

It was 5 months ago today that our dearly beloved, Blaze the Basset Hound, left us for Doggy Heaven. I'd be lying if I said we, her immediate family, don't miss her like crazy. That only shows what a special member of the family she was, is. Love ya, Blaze, and miss you :-) Good dog!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cartoon Friend helps celebrate 30th Wedding Anniversary!

On September 8th I awoke to the blessed realization that I have been married to my best friend and beautiful bride for 30 years! Wow, it doesn't seem possible....not that we're still married (ha)...but rather that it's already been 30 years! It's flown and it's been wonderful! Not without it's challenges but always with love.
My wife and I have always tried to maintain the fun (humor) in our relationship, and many times that has included cartoons that I have created, in one way or another. This year my character, ESTER B. SAGGIN, decided to hang from the top of the garage door, in her bathing suit, gripping a sign with her toes, that welcomed my sweet wife home from her looooong day of work. __The wonderful thing about my wife,...she ALWAYS appreciates this kind of thing and that brings me joy and makes me want to keep making her happy :-) She's the best! Thanks for the help, ESTER B.!