Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Golf Course Adventure

I enjoyed a memorable round of golf recently, that had nothing to do with the way I played (which wasn't pretty). I had hit an awful tee shot that swung off to the left, out of bounds and along the barbed-wire fence line. While looking for my ball I was startled to come upon a baby deer (probably not more than two weeks old or so), who had, somehow, gotten one of it's hind legs twisted up
and snared in the fence line. It was hanging exactly as I show it in my cartoon. Once we knew it was still alive we set to freeing it.
After about 5 minutes of cautiously working around the barbed-wire...we were able to free the fawn. Once freed the fawn did not run away but turned around, probably 4 feet from us and just stood and stared at us. It was absolutely adorable. It didn't walk away until my friend and I turned and walked back to our cart.__It was a really good feeling to be able to help out that fawn. For that I will always be thankful for my awful drive off the tee._ Take a penalty stroke but save a life. Not a bad deal.