Monday, June 17, 2013

A good big brother is a GREAT BLESSING! Happy birthday, Robby!

My big brother, Robby, is celebrating a birthday today! Robby is the epitome of a great big brother!
We shared a bedroom growing up, all the way until he went off to college. Sure, he beat me up plenty as a kid, like a big brother will, but he was also my biggest defender. I never doubted he'd be there for me and it's the same way today. He taught me what loyalty is! He taught me a lot of other stuff, too...but that's for another entry, ha! We were textbook big brother/little brother...I looked up to him and tried to emulate him...whether he knew it or not. He could, and still can, talk me into doing things that only a big brother could talk a little brother into doing :-) (Example: When we lived in St. Petersburg, FL, and I was a freshman and he a senior in high school, he had the great idea of my getting on his shoulders, wearing a long trench coat, sunglasses and sun hat and standing next to the dark street in front of our house and waving to drivers as they passed by. We must have looked like 7 foot freak, spookily coming out of the darkness!) He is by far one of the funniest people I know and no one makes me laugh like he does. Turns out he's a pretty awesome husband and Dad, too.__Guess I just wanted to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROBBY! I love you, man!