Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Thanksgiving Office Party

Office parties, although oftentimes can be great fun, can also be very uncomfortable for certain individuals....especially if you're the guest of honor...aka, THE MEAL. __Have a wonderful and very happy Thanksgiving, everyone :-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Personalized Artwork Gift Idea for the Holidays!

This drastic cold snap that has befallen us over the last 24 hours has been an instant reminder that the Holiday Season is upon us and gift ideas are being seeked out by many. It's my pleasure to remind folks of the one-of-a-kind pet lover illustrations I take great joy in creating! Orders are coming in and I welcome more! Feel free to contact me for information! Happy Early Holidays and brrrrrrrrrr!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween in Mister Roger's Neighborhood...NOT!

Happy ALMOST Halloween from the neighborhood in my brain. How scary is that? __Fun time playing with this illustration. I have my own reasons for the things I drew, and as the artist I prefer to keep those to myself. But the fun comes when folks start questioning and trying to figure out, "What was he thinking?" Lets just leave it at...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How can my son be 25 and I'm only 30?

Today is my son's 25th birthday! Wowza, he's getting old! I only say this because for years, and to this day, he has delighted in reminded me how OLD I am (the little stinker). With the respect a father is due, he often refers to me in loving terms, like, 'You old fart', 'Old Man', etc. etc. Ironically, I did all the same things to my father, so guess I deserved this. But like with my dad, it was all said out of love, good humor and actual respect...I hope. Ha.__ So to my son, Satchel Buck Jones, I wish you every happiness a father could wish a son. I have loved and adored you since...forever. Everyday of your life I have believed in you & encouraged you to be YOU...and I'm proud of YOU! You may live in the concrete jungle of NYC but there's an OLD MAN back in the cornfields of Iowa who will always be DAD, and will always love you. Happy 25th birthday, young fart :-)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Special illustation request from my SON!

Recently I was very flattered to receive a 'special request' son! He lives 1,000 miles away in NYC, and out of the blue I get a message from him asking me to draw up a three panel piece featuring our beloved and recently departed family dog, Blaze. He didn't want a storyline or for it to be a gag but rather, simply, three images that would remind him of Blaze. __Panel 1)Blaze would often sleep with one of her giant basset hound ears covering her eyes. Panel 2) Blaze loved to chew on empty water bottles until the tops popped off. Panel 3) No matter what, Blaze always woke up in a good mood, and it was the family's delight to watch her funny little basset hound waddle-wiggle-walk as she strolled out of my son's bedroom to the kitchen every morning. She always caused our days to start with a smile! She's been gone six months now but she was special and will always be with us as we share those special memories.___It meant a lot to this dad to receive this request from his grown son :-)