Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Have fun with illustration!

When illustrating about 'fast animals on the safari'...I wanted to take a different approach, away from the obvious. Something unexpected, something fun! __I know from working around, and drawing for, preschoolers that one of their favorite animals is the cheetah, and while they like it when I doodle out a cheetah stretched out and running...they always giggle when I doodle that same 'fast cheetah' running upright, like humans! __Being a Track & Field fan, I envisioned the cheetah running hurdles, but since there are no hurdles in the safari...why not have the cheetah hurdling over the tall grasses as he is in pursuit of a swift gazelle? Better yet, have him, the cheetah, wearing a true track uniform and spikes! I played the gazelle more straight forward with slight exaggeration and expression, thus keeping the main focus on the cheetah. ___The key here is....HAVE FUN WITH IT!