Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How can my son be 25 and I'm only 30?

Today is my son's 25th birthday! Wowza, he's getting old! I only say this because for years, and to this day, he has delighted in reminded me how OLD I am (the little stinker). With the respect a father is due, he often refers to me in loving terms, like, 'You old fart', 'Old Man', etc. etc. Ironically, I did all the same things to my father, so guess I deserved this. But like with my dad, it was all said out of love, good humor and actual respect...I hope. Ha.__ So to my son, Satchel Buck Jones, I wish you every happiness a father could wish a son. I have loved and adored you since...forever. Everyday of your life I have believed in you & encouraged you to be YOU...and I'm proud of YOU! You may live in the concrete jungle of NYC but there's an OLD MAN back in the cornfields of Iowa who will always be DAD, and will always love you. Happy 25th birthday, young fart :-)