Monday, February 20, 2012

What Startled The Frogs?

Late in the evening of this past Saturday night, after my wife had fallen asleep, I just had this
weird urge to draw some frogs. Please, do ask me why because I have no idea. I just know that for some reason drawing frogs sounded fun....and as it turns out...IT WAS! You can see, or judge, for yourself from the drawing that came out of that :-)


Dave said...

Dude, so this is where you hide your blog!
Nice frogs! I really like the expressions & the suspense you created. Also like the line work & contrasts of black & white. Very effective. Late night, unexplained subjects is the illustrators curse. Sleeping is optional. Keep going!

Bucky Jones said...

Dave!!!! So awesome to hear from you! Oh yeah, this (blog) is where I hang out, or hide out, sometimes. Glad you found me...and hope you'll visit and comment more often. It'll just be me and you...ha. Take care, Dave!