Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Celebrating my 50th Birthday...sorta!

Today's my 50th birthday! I remember thinking anyone that's 50 was OLLLLLLD! Guess that's me now. Wow, it got here fast. Still waiting for the maturity factor to kick in :-)


Pablo said...

Happy belated Birthday Bucky!! So the big 5..0! That's awesome. Hey you might be 50 but we are only as old as we want to feel. I'm sure you feel like your still in your twenties. Hilarious cartoon once again. Hope you had a great B-day and many more to come. Oh and by the way I'm in the same boat as you in waiting for maturity factor to kick in for me as well. That's what my wife keeps telling me everyday. Ha!

Bucky Jones said...

Thanks, Pablo! I'll let you know when the 'Maturity Factor' kicks in....but I think you're gonna be waiting a while. Ha.