Friday, June 3, 2011

After all these years...

After all these years I still love to flirt with my wife and let her know she is appreciated....among other things :-)
This is for you, Kim....and it's true.


Pablo said...

Ha! Great illustration Bucky! I feel the same way about my wife as well. I think I mentioned before that I always like to start my day by catching your posts. Always brings a smile to my face. Now I need to get my booty in gear and post more often. Have a great weekend Bucky.

Bucky Jones said...

Paul, er...Pablo...:-) Hey, man, so great to hear from you! Really appreciate you checking in. And thanks for visiting my silliness (blog). __Great to know you have someone you treasure, too!__ You know I'd love it if you posted more on your blog! I'm a fan, you know that.
You take care and have a great weekend, too!