Friday, May 27, 2011

Missing all my National Cartoonists Society Friends!

The National Cartoonists Society 65th Annual Reuben Awards are taking place in Boston from May 27-29, 2011...and I cannot tell you how much I hate missing this event. Some of my very dearest friends are folks I have met through this organization. I can honestly say, spending a weekend with a hotel full of cartoonists is good medicine! From top to bottom they are some of the most genuine, nice, talented and funniest people I have ever encountered! I miss being with all my friends but am happy they are together sharing in the laughs and the beer! I cannot wait until I can join them again...hopefully next year! Have a great weekend all my NCS friends. Oh, and a special shout out to those special NCS Scatpackers!


Kelly said...

Sorry to see you weren't here this year, Mr. Jones - looking forward to seeing you again soon.



Bucky Jones said...

Kelly, you're there? Aaarghhh! Now that's another reason I'm bummed about not being there! Would love to be hanging out and sharing in the laughs with you. Have a great time and I will live vicariously through your adventures :-)