Friday, January 22, 2010

January 21, 2010

It's no secret I adore my basset hound, Blaze. I've always said she's the perfect fit for our family...'Not to bright but really nice and funny.' Well, if you've ever been to our home it's also no secret that Blaze has that lovely (not) Basset Hound odor. Last night we had all finally had enough and I got her in the tub for a bath. Like lots of dogs, she looks totally humilated during the bath...but once out of the tub and dried off, her exuberance and happiness is hysterical and so cute.___Sadly, she'll stink again in about 12 hours. Ha...sad but true.


Cat, Chaps and Emma said...

Ah that is such a cute drawing. I have 2 basset hounds, Chaps and Emma. I look forward to hearing more about Blaze....


Bucky Jones said...

Morning, Cat! Thanks for posting...oh, and great profile pic of you, Chaps and Emma. You can count of further bits about Blaze. Take care.